Julie Alejos – 52 Weeks


Week 6 – #39 Rainy Day

On August 3rd we were on our Baseball Road Trip.  We went to the Pittsburgh Pirates game.  The stadium is BEAUTIFUL.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see a whole lot of baseball being played.  Mostly we saw the Grounds Crew putting the tarp on, taking it off, tarp on, tarp off (did you sing Clap On, Clap Off when I said that? haha).  They finally decided to call the game after midnight.  It was fun anyhow, we were together & it’s a great memory.  Road Trip Success!!

IMG_0174 IMG_0196


Week 5 – #47 The Eye

I know the theme is The Eye, like singular, but I couldn’t help using this picture because I’ve fallen inlove with these eyes.  This is our new puppy, Jeter.  He is a 7 week old Chocolate Lab.

The Eye


Week 3 – #20 In The Park


This statue of Lucille Ball is in Lucille Ball Memorial Park, near Lucy’s childhood home in Celoron, NY.  This statue has caused quite the stir in the community.  People think this statue is scary.  Honestly when we pulled up, at a distance (without seeing her outfit) I couldn’t tell if it was her or a man.  It really doesn’t resemble her too well.  The giveaway that it’s her is that she’s holding the Vitameatavegamin bottle.  One of my FAVORITE episodes.  For now the statue is staying put until she is moved to the comedy center opening in nearby Jamestown, NY.  A replacement statue must be found before she can move there.  I have seen some photos of the statue shot at different angels or at night & the eyes do look a little scary.  What do you think?

We visited the park & the cemetery on Lucy’s Birthday, August 6th.  🙂


Week 2 – #11 Descending

In Louisville, KY we went to a restaurant recommended to us by the lady at the front desk of our hotel.  She suggested this restaurant called Troll Pub Under The Bridge.  The Troll Pub is located on the site of the original Galt House hotel, built in 1834.  A fire destroyed the Galt in 1865.  After the fire the Louisville & Nashville Railroad built its headquarters on the site in 1877 where it stayed until 1907.  During this time many Kentucky bourbon distilleries moved into other buildings on the block, which is why the block became known as Whiskey Row.  The Ohio River flood of 1937 put Washington St under water.  In the 1970’s the entire building became an artist live-work-create colony.  The Troll Pub was filled in with 4 feet of dirt & concrete & murals covered many of the walls.  In 2010 a local investor & a developer saw the vision for this space & transformed room after room of cozy nooks, original brick walls & beamed wooden ceilings.  The Troll Pub Under the Bridge was opened in October 2011.  Louie the Troll stands outside to greet you.  You see him in this picture on the railing.  My husband, Julian, & our son, Jameson have descended the stairs & are ready to go in.  Our son, Joey, is descending the stairs & a little hesitant.  It was FANTASTIC & the atmosphere was SO fun!!  There was a hidden room behind a bookcase, etc.  I’m really glad we went.  Joey is a picky eater but I’ve decided that if he doesn’t like he, he doesn’t have to eat there.  I’m going to experiment & enjoy….especially while on vacation.  After this we went to the Louisville Bats game (they are a Triple-A team affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds).


If you ever go here, I recommend the Troll’s Signature Beer Cheese as a Starter.  It’s their house made beer cheese made with Shiner Bock & Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Served with warm, salted pretzel sticks.  And my husband had the Hot Brown.  Never had heard of that before but it was wonderful!  It’s a Kentucky Favorite- Toasted Sourdough bread topped with sliced turkey breast, Mornay sauce, bacon & tomatoes.  Then it is baked until golden brown.  Mmmmmm!


Week 1 – #5 Bird’s Eye View


This summer we continued our baseball road trip.  This game was Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates on August 1st.  The Reds won 4-3.  These are probably called “nose bleed” seats but I’m using it for Bird’s Eye View, because I felt like some of the birds had better seats than us!!  haha   We’re in the stadium, we can see/hear the game & smell the glorious atmosphere that baseball offers.


Week 52 – #13 Forced Perspective

This is supposed to be the story of how we got our Jameson.  My idea is there but the picture is terrible as you see.  I ran out of time & we’re rushing off for vacation.  Here’s to hoping I do better the next 52 weeks!!  😉


*Side note: this is NOT really how we got Jameson or named him.  It’s the only name my husband & I picked out of a baby book that was the same!  haha